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Contributors Guide (or, “Life Together”)

By joining the ChristianManga Group, you agree to adhere to the following rules. Failure to abide by these rules may get you banned, depending on the circumstances and severity of offense. We strive to make this a safe, courteous and family-friendly environment, so please help us keep it that way.

1. Banned content: offensive stuff we will delete on sight includes (but is not limited to):
a. Coarse language. Please censor accordingly.
b. Shock/Gross-out images: overly violent, grotesque, and otherwise bizarre pictures that disturb viewers.
c. Pornography/Hentai. Sexually explicit or suggestive writing, photography, artwork, etc.,.
d. Illegal acts: Please obey the laws of your state, province and/or country.
e. Soliciting personal information. If someone tries to solicit information from you, inform a mod or admin immediately.
f. Linking to aforementioned banned content.

2. Theological content. We regard the Holy Bible as our sole rule of faith and practice. We encourage discussion and hard questions—that is fine and good. However, we do not allow you to deliberately post things that plainly contradict Scripture. Please be prepared to back it up with relevant, in-context Bible verses.

3. Conduct. We expect you to exemplify maturity by treating others with respect. Use good judgement, and avoid giving undue offense. Offensive conduct includes (but is not limited to):
a. Hate-speech. Respect fellow members’ convictions, even if you don’t agree with them.
b. Flaming. Keep your discussions civil. If you feel that somebody is wrong, attack the person’s position, not the person himself.
c. Trolling. Be nice. Don’t antagonize people for fun.

4. Spam: Spam includes (but is not limited to):
a. Unintelligible blather. Make sure what you post has a clear and constructive purpose.
b. Repeated Advertising.

5. Group governance. Administrators (admins) run the group, and they may invite others to manage approvals for new comics/submissions. A few things to remember:
a. Do not beg to be a moderator.
b. If you have a problem with the admins, or if you feel they have acted wrongly, you can let them know. They are open to criticism and will carefully weigh your concerns as long as you go about it respectfully.
c. At their discretion, the administration team will decide what is and is not appropriate for the group. Just because you post something not specifically addressed in these rules doesn’t mean the administration team approves of it.

6. New members. Here are some guidelines for testing the waters.
a. Observe. Get a feel for things around here by lurking a bit before you submit your manga/comics.
b. Let us get to know you. We’re glad you’re here, and we want you to feel welcome! A good way to introduce yourself is by posting in the “Welcome Wagon" on

(Adapted from…)
When people look at the world of anime and manga, generally you hear them say one of two things. "Oh, those big-eyed people with the crazy hair," or, "eww, porn." The more you look at manga titles, the more you see that Christian critics of manga have a point. Many titles are rife with bad language, sex, and senseless violence...but not all. That's where we step in.

Our goal: give Christians reasonable alternatives to mainstream manga. We're developing our skills to provide you, the reader, the same art styles and deep stories you're accustomed to, with God-glorifying roots. This is an ongoing effort as we hone our talents, so please bear with us and provide us with honest, thoughtful feedback. And don't be afraid to jump in and help! We can always use more hands, and we'd love to see your work!

But what does it mean to be Christian? There are lots of people in the world today who call themselves "Christian", but show no evidence of it in their lives. The purpose of this statement is to explain what it really means.

We were all created by a God Who is very benevolent but also is very just, and is highly offended by anyone who thinks that one's own way is better than His perfect and just way. Willful rebellion against Him and His perfect and just way is called sin. Each and every one of us has sinned and falls so terribly short of His perfect standard that we deserve to spend eternity in Hell; that is the price that must be paid. But, by His grace and mercy, He sent His Son Christ Jesus, Who has never sinned at all, to pay that penalty for us; rather, for those who will believe that He did and repent (turn from their sins).

To become a Christian, then, one must be saved. But to make a misconception perfectly clear, salvation is not simply having a highly emotional experience. It only comes when the deepest part of one's soul cries out to God for deliverance from one's bondage to sin, and when one recognizes that one can't save oneself and therefore completely humbles oneself to Christ Jesus in repentance. That is the only way to be saved from spending eternity in Hell.

So to summarize, Christian manga is basically manga that tells this message to those who read it, written by those who have been saved through the grace and mercy of God the Father through His Son Christ Jesus.

And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him. -Colossians 3:17


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